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How To Know Amazon Seller Id In Amazon Seller Central

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Amazon is a big marketplace and there are many sellers which are registered on it’s platform. All the sellers are having their unique business identities and other information that they have registered. Amazon seller id is one of them which must be known to the sellers. It is a very easy method to find amazon seller id. All the information that is submitted by them to the Amazon is to be verified and then the Account will be Live. However, If any wrong information is found then the listings will remain in Inactive mode.

Sellers need to submit all the genuine details about them and their business in the Amazon account registration process. Email address and phone number are very important fields where you as a seller will get all the notifications regarding the orders and other information about events and promotions. 

There are no physical copies of the documents that need to be submitted in the process. Just provide the information and the seller account will be created.

There are many other e-commerce marketplaces which also assigns seller id in the seller’s panel. Those details are required to make the verification process easier by providing a unique identity to them. Amazon seller portal makes it easy for sellers to understand the structure of operating it. Sellers also list their different items and make edits whenever they want.

Amazon offers many benefits to the sellers and that is the only reason for trust in sellers mind when they opt for seller account registration. Many of the sellers have experienced good business profits and expansion by reaching local and International customers. Amazon team helps the sellers in promoting and advertising the items to its large audience. Sellers can expect good sales on the marketplace.

What is Amazon Seller Id?

Amazon Seller id or Amazon Merchant token is a unique identifier which is assigned to the amazon sellers on all marketplaces like Amazon India, Amazon US, Amazon UK, etc. This amazon seller id can be used to execute many tasks in amazon seller account. However, It’s use is not so much. It is just there in the account so that sellers can be verified.

The amazon seller id can be used in web chat communication whenever the sellers are stuck at something and the support executive may ask for the Merchant token. These merchant tokens are also needed for the amazon web services. Seller id of amazon seller is also seen in the product listing whenever you click on the listing by going to the sore page of the seller.

There are situations where the seller account balance shows the amount that the seller has to pay to Amazon. So, Amazon sellers can pay the amount by adding all the business information like Store name, Business location, email address, phone number, tax details, amazon seller id. Amazon merchant token id is an important parameter to provide because the team can verify your details in their dashboard.

Amazon merchant token comes in alphanumeric order and It is fixed stored in the account Info section. Most of the amazon sellers are not aware about their unique seller id as It is not required when communicating with the seller support team, seller performance team. When you contact the seller support, the store details and email id is mentioned.

Where Is My Amazon Seller Id?

Steps to Find Your Seller Id in Amazon:

Step 1: Visit Amazon Seller Central Website.

where is my amazon seller id

Step 2: Click on the settings tab and then Account Info.

how to find amazon seller id

Step 3: Tap on “Merchant Token”.

where do i find my amazon seller id

Step 4: Here is your merchant token shown.

where to find amazon seller id

Along with seller id there are many other things you can check and verify in your seller central dashboard. The tax information of your business can be found in the Account Information section and It needs to be correct because those details are going to fetch up in your Invoices whenever you receive orders from the amazon customers.

The Seller Information tab is designed in such a way that It becomes easier for them to process the tasks with just one click. If you have to edit in the tax fields you are able to do so. But the Amazon team will verify the editing entries as It needs to be correct and authorized by the tax authorities.

Amazon has to do this process because they are also sending the Invoices to all the amazon sellers. As the sellers are filing the tax payments amazon also clears about the payments that they have charged on the orders sold on the platform. It is always recommended to enter the correct tax details when you register for an account.

In the Your seller profile section there are things like store name details, email id, phone number. You must verify it for the customer communication purpose. There is also an edit option to do so and It can be changed anytime.  

It is always good to contact the amazon seller support whenever you as an amazon seller have to execute those tasks which required seller id in amazon account.  

If you are looking to explore more in amazon seller account then you can contact MohitECommerce. You can learn many things to understand the amazon business and various factors which can scale your online business on amazon. 

In the Amazon seller training session, various modules are there to understand and listings with promotion tasks become easy for the sellers.


1. How to find amazon seller id?

By logging into the seller central dashboard and in the account info the merchant token field represents your unique id.

2. Where do I find my amazon seller id or Merchant token?

In the Account Info section of amazon seller central.

3. Where to find amazon seller id?

If you are a registered seller on amazon you can find it by going into your seller account information.

4. What is my amazon seller id?

It is unique for all the amazon sellers and It can’t be changed.

5. What is amazon seller id?

An Identity which represents you as a seller on amazon marketplace.

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