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What is Amazon Saheli Program For Women Enterpreneurs?


Online business is trending all over the world. This is actually good for the nations also. It is definitely a reason for the increase in economic growth of the country. People are moving forward in the business whether they operate in offline or online mode. Every individual is playing a good responsibility in the economy expansion.

There are many e-commerce companies established from the past five years. Amazon is still on the top in the e-commerce world operating in 13 different countries. Amazon has their big teams on all their marketplaces like Amazon India, Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan, etc. and the teams are expanding day by day because of the programs they introduced for all the sellers and customers. There are many advantages to sell on amazon India and earn good income from the online store.

Men and Women Entrepreneurs have a big role in the growing society leading to success in the business world. These Entrepreneurs are coming with different ideas which led them to grow in the business community. They make really good products and services for the users which will surely provide productivity in their business as well as to the consumers. 

With so many Online marketplaces across the globe, It has become really easy for the business owners to sell the products worldwide. Payment gateways companies like Paytm, Mobikwik, etc.  have also emerged with expansion of the e-commerce world. Entrepreneurs are having all kinds of resources available to grow their business. Nowadays all people have Internet access in the mobile which makes it easy for the communication and upscale any business.

What is the Amazon Saheli Program?

Amazon launched the program naming “Amazon Saheli” in November,2017. This program is launched to empower Indian women entrepreneurs so that they can sell their items in India. This is really the best program Amazon has launched for the emerging womens across India. Amazon has created a special store which is called “Saheli store” to showcase all the items of women entrepreneurs.

Amazon India has done a collaboration with many organizations which are aimed for supporting and being a reason for their growth for women entrepreneurship. The meaning of saheli is a female friend and Amazon is associating itself as a genuine friend for all the women entrepreneurs by providing them a unique program specially designed for the women entrepreneur sellers.

If you are a Business woman and doing business by reselling it then this saheli amazon program is not for you. There are some terms and conditions to be registered as a saheli amazon seller. This program is only meant for Women entrepreneurs which are doing a great job for the society and the nation. As a Business Woman, You can still apply into the amazon saheli program. You have to provide all the authentic details about you and your business. If you are eligible to enroll in this saheli amazon program then Amazon team will invite you to sell on amazon.

Women entrepreneurs need to be associated with partner organisations to be an amazon saheli seller. You can provide the partner information at the time of filling the application and then It will be verified. It is better to have a GST Number and the firm registered. If all the details are submitted successfully and found positively then you will definitely become an amazon saheli seller.

These are the list of amazon saheli program partners:

1. Lifaffa

2. Destiny Foundation

3. Taragram

4. Anbhuti


6. Kudumbashree




10. Rangsutra

11. Ruas,

12. Deshpande Foundation.

13. Tee-tote-ler

14. GreenSouls

15. Greenbug

16. Mann Deshi Foundation

17. COWE


19. Impulse Social enterprises

Advantages of Amazon Saheli

1. Saheli Store (Seperate Store):

All amazon customers know to visit the customer’s website of amazon to surf all categories of products and purchase from a product detail page. But, Amazon has provided a special store to all the Women Entrepreneurs who are registered in the amazon saheli program. This store provides high visibility to this amazon saheli enrolled seller. By visiting the amazon saheli page, customers can look at different items in clothing, handbags, kitchen, home and appliances, etc.

Customers are really going to explore unique items which they have never seen before. The art of all the women Entrepreneurs is presented in such a way that it will definitely blow the minds of the customers. This amazon saheli store will provide an extra layer to generate more sales on amazon platform. So, the items will be also listed on the common store as well as on the special store which is only assigned for the art work of emerging women Entrepreneurs.

2. No Cost of Cataloguing

Amazon sellers have major concerns regarding the photo shoot of all their items. The Cataloguing has to be done in such a way that it can demonstrate all the sides of the product. It is always better to provide info graphic images also sometimes in a product listing. Infographic Images plays a crucial role in the sales conversion process.

There will be no cataloguing cost for all the women entrepreneurs who are registered with the program. Amazon team will provide cataloguing service to the sellers. If Amazon provides this service then there is no need to worry about the sales. Sellers will get the brand visibility also in the images of their items. As an online seller, cataloguing is very important task which takes time and thus it is the major part that has to be done.

3. Reduced Referral fee

There is amazon referral fee, closing fee which is to be charged when the item sells on the amazon marketplace. For all the sellers the charges are the same in whichever category sellers list their items for sale. However, A reduced referral fee will be charged for amazon saheli program sellers. This is really a value added benefit all the women entrepreneurs will get.

There is no such program except amazon saheli in which sellers have to pay reduced referral cost at the time of selling the items. Amazon has reduced their commission rate on this program. This step of Amazon makes the company perception to the next level.

4. Training

The training will be provided to the women entrepreneurs at zero cost. That means all the sellers with this program can be entitled to get all the modules to be learned from the best trainers of Amazon. They will provide various training lessons which includes product listing, account management, promotions, advertisement, amazon policies, etc. which are needed to understand as an amazon seller.

This training will definitely produce productive results for the sellers. If all the work is properly done in the amazon seller account then there will be more sales of all the products listed in the Inventory. Hence, Training is very important to have from the trainers who are actually good in the amazon seller central work.

5. Access to Tools and Reports

There are very good tools in the amazon seller central through which sellers can generate huge sales in ordinary days as well as in the festival days. They can create different type of coupons for their customers and promote it on social media platforms like facebook and Instagram. In this way sellers will get high volume of traffic and with having promotional coupons customers will get the products at the best price.

There is also a report section through which sellers can get the idea about the trending high seen product listing of them. There are many types of reports which can be downloaded to understand the business and also to run the advertisement of their performing products. 

6. Dedicated Account Manager

A special account manager will be provided to the amazon saheli program sellers. Having an Account manager is surely a good option for the amazon seller account because of the many work they can do to make it easy for the sellers. Those account managers are very professional in their work that will be a reason for productivity in their online business.

Account managers are responsible for many activities and they are very keen to execute the task in a very short period of time. They will make sure all the work they do is upto the expectations of the seller. All the strategies will be explained to get more views on the listings and to generate more orders on the amazon marketplace.

How To Apply in Amazon Saheli

Step 1: Visit the official website of Amazon. Submit an Application there.

amazon saheli seller

A. If you are not Amazon Seller: You have to provide all the details like First and Last Name, Your Email id, Business Name, Business Address, Phone Number, City, State, Pin code, etc. Answer all the questions that have been asked in the application form and submit an application. If you have the products in the Food category then you need to submit an FSSAI certificate. There is also a field of websites in which you have to enter the details of websites on which your products are listed or you are selling there. Give all the actual and authentic information in the form. You will then receive the notification from the Amazon team and you will be contacted soon.

amazon saheli program
amazon quiz saheli
saheli amazon

B. If You are an already existing seller: Enter Your Business Name, Full Name, City, Pin code, Phone Number, Amazon seller central Email ID. Along with all these details you have to upload a PAN, GST Certificate, Photo of the women entrepreneur in HD. A women entrepreneur also needs to provide a brief description of herself. It is better to explore more about the work you do and your achievements as an entrepreneur. An image of the workshop also needs to be attached along with detailed description about the business.

amazon saheli quiz
amazon saheli quiz answers
amazon saheli quiz answers today

Step 2: (Training)

There will be a special workshop which will be provided to learn the insights of online selling on Amazon marketplace. By attending the workshop Women Entrepreneurs can get to know many things that will provide productivity in their business through online business management and Managing Online Amazon seller accounts. Women Entrepreneurs can attend this workshop offline or online. It’s all on Women  Entrepreneurs to choose the mode of training.

Step 3: (List products)

Product listing is an important work that all the sellers have to do in their Inventory. Product Listings have to be optimized very well to have a good visibility to the larger audience. The Title, Product Description, Images, Key product Features, Search terms, etc. all are the most important fields in a product detail page. Amazon Sellers have to provide Good eye catching headlines and Cataloguing in such a way that the conversions ratio will become high. You can also add tax details of the product so that when the order comes the amazon invoice will be automatically generated with the mentioned tax structure in the product listing.

Step 4: (Reach More Users)

Amazon has a very large database of audience. Millions of users are surfing on amazon for the products. This is a best advantage Amazon provides to all of their sellers. The traffic is an important concern for the business owners. But, Amazon eliminates this concern for the sellers. If sellers have done good product listing then chances are very high to get more visibility. The sellers can also sell items on amazon global websites if they want to reach more audience.

It would be really great if you can be featured as an amazon saheli seller on Amazon India. This will definitely provide an exposure to your portfolio. Through this amazon saheli program seller will get their listing views by many of the amazon customers which will help the sellers to grow on Amazon. No other marketplace creates a program like this. This is a huge opportunity for all the women Entrepreneurs who want to upgrade their modes of business and expand with a larger audience.

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