MohitEcommerce Guide on Amazon Karigar Program

The Definite Guide on Amazon Karigar Program


The E-commerce industry is growing in every nation. There are many biggest ecommerce players which have a wide consumer base. Customers are more likely to purchase different kinds of products online by digital payments. Amazon India and Fliokart are the top Indian ecommerce players. The audience and traffic comes regularly to shop for all forms of products. These Indian ecommerce players provide best services to their customers.

Amazon already has a wide consumer base across India. The demand for handcrafted products is always there on Amazon India. These handcrafted products come in various categories like toys, imitation jewellery, home and kitchen, etc. the demand and production has made the E-commerce boom in online business. This E-commerce boom is only because of the online presence of businesses.

Amazon is one of the top e-commerce platform when compared with other platforms. There are many sellers and customers who are dealing with many product categories. This e-commerce platform is very easy to operate for merchants and consumers. Amazon also has a storefront for sellers through which they can show all their products on a single brand page. The storefront for sellers is built for brand and product visibility. So that sellers can get more orders on every product they list on the marketplace.

Amazon Seller Services is available to all the sellers. Whether you want to sell the items from India or any other country. The professional service providers help the sellers in many ways. 

Northeast India produces so many artisan items regularly. There are so many artisans sellers from Northeast India. This program will definitely boost the confidence in them for their business growth. You can also see the stories of businesses which are performing well on Amazon India. If you are a dedicated seller focused on every phase of online business then you can perform better compared with other sellers.

A dedicated seller is capable of doing many tasks in seller central. But you need to work and implement the tasks on regular intervals to scale the business. You will surely get some confidence by seeing different stories of businesses on Amazon India youtube channel. Every seller on Amazon wants business growth for their listed products. These stories are meant for taking your business at scale. You just need to invest some time to understand the process and algorithm. 

There are many tools available for business insights. With the help of business insights feature you can skyrocket your sales by advertising and promotion techniques.

What is Amazon Karigar?

Amazon Karigar is a program offered by Amazon India to the artisans Indian sellers. This is one of the unique programs which is provided by Amazon. It offers many benefits to the handicraft artisans merchants. This program is designed to get more visibility to the artisans which are professional in making unique products.

India is a vast country and well known for its handicraft items. There are many types of products which are purely handcrafted. These products are also demanding on all top e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, etc. Indian people are very much fond of handicraft products and like to purchase them.

India is capable of producing large quantities of handicraft products, handloom products, and handmade products. So If you are dealing in these categories then there is every possibility to cover the demands of amazon audience. There are large number of product categories which are sold on Amazon. You can definitely generate good online income by listing as many products on the biggest ecommerce players like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

The scope of handmade products, handloom products, or handicraft products is good on any amazon marketplace. You can get the maximum audience for these products. Amazon sellers need to come up with best quality products to get more sales on the marketplace.

Amazon karigar motivates the sellers which are producing handcrafted products. You can also show amazon karigari hand stitched footwear, handcrafted accessories, handcrafted ethnic clothing

products to customers. Amazon customers can also take part in amazon karigar quiz contest. By answering the questions you can win good prizes. The prizes for these amazon karigar handicraft mela quiz varies from free items which includes mobile phones and other devices.

Amazon Karigar Registration Process:

This program is considered as an e-commerce giant’s new initiative for lakh artisans in India. There are many lakh artisans which want to scale their online presence.

Amazon seller registration process is simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes. But If you are looking for karigar program enrollment then first you need to register on the details page of Amazon Karigar Program. You have to provide the following details like Name, Contact number, Email id, State, pincode, website address, Business details, etc. Once all the details are submitted then the Amazon team will contact you for further steps. You need to provide genuine details regarding your business.

This program is not meant for any ordinary sellers. If you really manufacture or deal in handmade products then only go with the registration process. This program is well suited for handicrafts industry, craftsmen industry, handloom industry products. Amazon e-commerce giant’s new initiative will definitely help many artisans across India. It can also provide brand visibility and reach the maximum number of amazon audience. You can also see listed government emporiums authentic handicrafts and handlooms on Amazon karigar page.

Who can Join Amazon Karigar?

  1. If you are an artisan in India and searching for an Online marketplace where you can sell handcrafted items across India.
  2. If you are an NGO, Not for Profit, helping artisan sellers in India.

If you want to sell taxable products on Amazon India then GST number is mandatory. After the successful registration you can list as many items in the amazon seller central. The product listing and order processing is easy in the seller central dashboard.

Benefits For Amazon Karigar Seller

1. Individualize Training Support:

amazon karigar

Amazon seller training program is very beneficial for sellers. If you have just started selling on Amazon then this program will help you to understand the whole process. There are many tasks to do in the seller central dashboard. Amazon sellers need to understand the product listing, promotion strategy, Advertising strategy, Order processing, etc.

You must know the commission structure details of the amazon marketplace. The referral fee and closing fee will be different for normal sellers. When you successfully registered under the karigar program then your listings commission will be different from other sellers. 

The e-commerce giant amazon has good service deliverability for consumers and sellers on its various marketplaces. The training program service is very good bythis  e-commerce giant platform.

2. Subsidized in Referral Fee Commission:

amazon karigari

When sellers on Amazon marketplace register with their business details then referral and closing fees will be the same. But when you register on the marketplace with the Karigar program then there will be a reduction in commissions. So, these sellers are having a good advantage in terms of commissions.

There are many commissions on the Amazon marketplace. So you will have a different commission structure for your amazon karigar listings and other normal amazon sellers listing commission.

3. Cataloguing Support:

amazon karigar quiz

Cataloguing of products can be time consuming for sellers. They need to do this task by having good resources like High definition Cameras, Editing Software, Lightning equipment, etc. You must understand the importance of Cataloguing when you sell items on e-commerce marketplaces.

The Cataloguing cost depends on the type of products you have to list on the marketplace. When you are registered as an amazon karigar seller then Cataloguing Support will be provided to you. Sellers can get the good product photos after providing products to the professional service providers.

4. Online Marketing Support:

Online Marketing Support

There is a need for online digital marketing of products. Amazon sellers have to promote and advertise on social media platforms in order to get more sales for their products. Facebook and Instagram are the big platforms where people are most active. You can target the audience locally by creating Ad campaigns and offer best items at very reasonable rates.

Amazon also offers advertising methods within the seller central dashboard. It totally depends on the seller’s budget on which they are looking to advertise their products. You can advertise with a minimum 50 Rs per day Ad spend. However, It is always recommended to run your advertising campaigns for at least 30 days.

Amazon sellers need to run and analyze the campaigns to better understand the advertising.  Amazon karigar seller can benefit from advertising support to scale their online business. The professional service providers can provide you many insights regarding the items you want to sell on the marketplace.

5. Wider Reach to Audience:


Amazon India has a larger audience. The traffic is in millions across whole India. Your items can get maximum visibility after enrolling into the amazon karigar program. The reach is very important in an online business. If you are not getting a large impression on your items then the conversion ratio will be less and have to be increased.

Amazon sellers need to expand their sales on amazon marketplace. There are many ways by which you can create promotion and advertising campaigns. It is easy to create campaigns on the marketplace. But you need some skills If you want to drive traffic from social media platforms. It is always better to target the customers in festival seasons.

Amazon sellers must have done research before doing any campaigns to get good sales. You must perform strategically after analyzing the research data based on the audience and budget you have for increasing sales orders.

6. Account Management:

Account Management

Account Management Service includes various tasks which can help amazon sellers to grow their business. The professional account managers will understand your products first and then they will research about the demand and content part. You have to present the listings in a much better way to drive more impressions and conversions. 

Amazon sellers need to do proper keyword research on their product. Once it is done properly then they can add relevant keywords in the search term field in the product listing. It is an important parameter to let the amazon algorithm know about your product. The product content needs to be organized with true information. 

You don’t need to over optimize the product listing with excess keyword stuffing. It should be naturally written on the detail page. It is always recommended to showcase the perfect size of products to minimize the order returns. Amazon certified Account managers are very professional in their work for the sellers. You can get clear visibility about the Amazon programs and commission structure for listed items.

Conclusion: Amazon India has good demand for products which come in craftsmen industry, handloom industry, handicrafts industry. The sellers will get good orders If they are dealing in these industries items. So If you think you can become an amazon karigar seller then you must apply for this program and avail all the benefits that the seller can get to scale the online business.

Amazon Karigar FAQ:

1. Who can enroll in amazon karigar quiz?

If you are an amazon customer then you can take part in the contest to win exciting prizes.

2. How to become an amazon karigar seller?

If you have fulfilled all the eligibility requirements then you can become an amazon karigar seller. You can get all the benefits which are provided as per the program details.

3. Are there any amazon karigar jobs available?

This program is meant for sellers and there are no jobs available for this program.

4. How can I verify amazon karigar quiz answers?

You will get the notifications after the quiz is completed.

5. How to get into amazon karigar handicraft mela quiz?

Register on amazon portal and answer the questions on the quiz detail page.

6. Where can I verify amazon karigar handicraft bazaar quiz answers?

You can verify the answers on the amazon quiz detail page. All updates will be provided once the winners are announced.

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