Start Agarbatti Business With Agarbatti Making Machine

How To Start Agarbatti Business With Agarbatti Making Machine

agarbatti making machine

What is Agarbatti?

Agarbatti stick, also known as incense stick is made from a tree known as Agar. Agarbatti is a norm in most of the Indian houses. It is a tradition in India to light agarbattis every morning while praying. It spreads positive energy and heavenly fragrance. Infact, India is the largest producer of incense.

Agarbatti making business in India, is a very profitable business with a low initial investment. The procedure of making agarbatti is quite simple and can be done using an agarbatti making machine. If you do not have enough capital and do not want to buy an agarbatti making machine, then you can even go for manual handmade agarbatti production units though machines produce large numbers of agarbattis as compared to the production units. 

The agarbatti business initially started as a family business, but now it has become a significant business enterprise in India. The Government of India declared the agarbatti business as a cottage industry.  It provides employment to lakhs of people, including a larger number of women.

Budding entrepreneurs can start with this business at any point of time by analysing agarbatti business details, business plans and other marketing strategies. Agarbati business can generate good sales on the e-commerce website also. You can sell a variety of agarbati products on the marketplaces. Those who have never done a business can care about incense stick making machine price when they purchase it for the first time.

There are many businesses which are fully automatic. The only thing that matters in such business is that they have skilled employees which can make the work automatic in nature. Automatic businesses perform much better with larger production with less number of employees.

Machine operating tasks can be easily done in less time. However, employees don’t have to always rely on machine operating work. They should be skilled in such a way that they can perform the task If it gets stopped at any time. 

Why You should Start Agarbatti Business

The population of India is 130+ crores, out of which the maximum number of people are Hindu who pray daily. So keeping this number in mind, the agarbatti making business will never get into crisis, it is an evergreen industry. These products can be produced with an automatic agarbatti making machine. It will be a good option to stick with one business plan.

Agarbatti makes an easy and profitable business. The agarbatti making business is a lucrative business under SSI. You can easily make from Rs 500 to Rs 700 per day from one machine. But if you buy a single machine,  it won’t give you a good income at the end. It would be good to start with 3-4 machines to get huge returns. Agarbatti machine price is also affordable. There is a good scope with automatic agarbatti making machine.

Many people start thinking about the agarbatti machine price when they really want to start their business. It can be higher or lower and It all depends on the quantity you want to produce with it. Agarbatti machine price is not so high actually.

There are many business ideas to start any business. But you can only take growth in business If you actually understand it. Your business ideas may have some extraordinary growth. You can make it to the next level If all the tasks can be understandable. Any business owner must deal in quality products for the consumers. The reason is quite obvious that If you want to survive long term in any business then you must provide quality products consistently.

In today’s e-commerce world all the businesses are operating online. So there is a good opportunity to sell the agarbatti items on the marketplace and get the money via bank transfer. Bank transfer mode of payment has given many advantages to the businesses. Sellers just need to provide their bank details to payment gateways and the payments will be credited to the seller via bank transfer payment gateway.

1. Low Investment

agarbatti machine

Looking at the current market situation, Agarbatti stick making business is still cheaper than most of the other businesses in the market. It would take around 1-2 lakh of assets and 2 lakhs of working capital to start this business on a lower scale. Also, the agarbatti making machine price is affordable. To start on a large scale, the setup and investment will increase as per the demand and supply.

So, with less investment, you can expect a huge profit. You just need to create a business plan and move forward with it. The business plan must contain different tasks which can provide productivity in your business. An automatic agarbatti making machine does not cost so much to start with the business. This machine has a capacity to make the task automatic after the simple programming. Machine operating tasks can be done in seconds by the employees.

2. Minimum Raw Materials

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The raw materials used to produce agarbatti are simple and easily available at moderate price. As compared to other industries, the raw materials used are very less. Below are the raw materials which are used in general – gum powder, coal powder, jikit powder, bamboo sticks, essential oils, gelatin papers, Sawdust, white chips, Perfume, packing material.

All these materials would be added in the machine operating electrical control panel which will produce the final product for the use. Different types of tasks would be performed in the machine operating system electrical control panel. This system is programmed with a simple programming language which makes it possible to produce fine quality products in electrical control panel.

3. Low workforce

agarbatti machine price

You do not need a team of 100 people to run your business. You just need a few dedicated staff for agarbatti manufacturing who would create the mixture, pour it in the machine, collect the agarbattis from the machine and pack them.  So for all this work, you won’t  need more than 10 people. It will also depend upon the scale of your business. But the workforce required is definitely less than compared to other businesses in the market.

Most of the tasks would be machine operating these days in many businesses. These machine operating tasks can provide better productivity in the business. The electrical control panel in the automatic machine have circuits which are programmed as per the raw materials are added in it. You can see a variety of circuits in electrical control panel.

4. Low risk of loss

agarbatti making machine price

Since the agarbatti stick making business is an evergreen business, the risk of loss is very low. The agarbatti making machine price is also less, limited raw materials and limited work force makes it a low risk business. In case, even if you suffer loss, as the investment amount is less, you won’t have to suffer more here.

How Agarbatti is Made Using Agarbatti Making Machine

Step-1: Purchase an Agarbatti making machine

This is the first and the most crucial part as the agarbatti machine is the backbone of your business as your entire business is dependent on the machine. There are many companies out there in the market who sell these machines but you will have to do the background check and select the most reliable company that provides warranty and on site services in the long run. Most of the agarbatti machine suppliers are from Gujarat. Check with them about their services and annual maintenance costs. If they provide good services in your area, then finalize the deal. You must make sure to check the electrical control panel in any agarbatti making machine you purchase.

Huge companies have dealerships in all the states of India to provide services in case of machine breakdowns. You can buy a machine from the dealer in your city who can easily provide you service whenever needed. Make sure that the dealer from whom you are purchasing offers services in your town.

Generally a good quality agarbatti making machine price ranges from around Rs 1,20,000 to 1,50,000. It has the capacity to produce 100kg raw agarbatti in 12 hours approximately.

Step-2: Purchase the raw materials

The raw materials used to produce agarbatti includes gum powder, coal powder, jikit powder, bamboo sticks, essential oils, gelatin papers, sawdust, white chips, perfume, packing material etc. You can easily get these in your city or you can also order online. The bamboo sticks are mostly imported from China and Vietnam, which will cost you around 120/kg. The raw materials in the production of agarbatti are easily available in all the parts of India.

All these raw materials would be added in the automatic machine electrical control panel for the production in bulk quantity. The electrical control panel has a good tendency for the production of agarbatti items.

Step-3: Get a place to carry out the production

Once you have purchased the machine and all the raw materials, it is time to get the machine installed to carry out the production. You will have to get a place for machine installation. The dealer from whom you have purchased the machine, will send their technicians to install the machine. He may charge extra fees for installation. He will give you the mechanics on how the machine works and how to make agarbatti. You can also let him stay for 2 or more days in case there is any issue in the machine. If in future, there is any damage or issue with the machine, you can contact the same dealer again.

If you have purchased a land, or taken on rent and it is 200sqft or more, then you can easily fit 4 machines there. The machines are easy to operate and light in weight.

Step-4: Hire staff if needed

At Least one dedicated staff is needed for every machine. You will have to train them regarding the operation of the machine and on how to make agarbatti. So you will have to learn first, and then train them.  You will also require staff to prepare the mixture, dry tha agarbatti, and for packing.

At the beginning, things won’t be smooth. But as soon as the staff gains grip with the machine and the workflow, you will see the output. Within one week or 15 days, you will be able to see 100 kgs of agarbattis being produced.

The incense stick making machine price is not a big concern for any business person so you must hire some employees which can provide productivity in the business.

Step-5:  Preparation of mixture

This is a crucial stage, if your mixture is not proper then your agarbatti might not burn till the end. The technician can teach you the process of making the mixture. If the agarbatti produced is not good enough, then no one will buy it. So you cannot compromise on this step, you will have to produce the best agarbatti to function the business. You can also hire a dedicated staff for this, one person will be enough to handle this.

Step-6: Loading of mixture into the machine

Once the mixture is ready, load them into the machine with the bamboo sticks. The rate of production can be 10 kg in an hour but in the initial phase, this rate could be 5-6kg.

Step-7: Collection of agarbatti

You will need one dedicated person to collect the raw agarbatti produced from the machine.They will also have to keep the agarbattis aside in the sunlight to dry.

Step-8: Get a dryer machine

If there is not much sunlight in your production area, it would be great if you get a drying machine.  It costs around Rs 35,000. It would also be beneficial in the rainy season. Also, the rate of drying is more using the machine, as through the sunlight it may take time.

Step-9: Add perfume

There are two things here – you can either add perfume by yourself or sell the agarbattis to the agarbatti manufacturers who add perfume on their own.  You can also sell raw agarbattis to these companies and earn good profit.

If you want to add perfume and build your own brand, then you can research new fragrance and build up your own agarbatti manufacturing business. With the help of marketing, you can build your brand awareness among the audience.

Step-10: Pack and supply

You will need packaging materials such as – jute bags. If you have built a brand i.e your own agarbatti manufacturing business, then you can have a high quality packing in the name of your brand name mentioned on it. Now you are ready to supply these best agarbattis in the market and earn profit.

Top E-Commerce Marketplace To Sell Agarbatti

agarbatti business

Once you have become an agarbatti manufacturer, you can plan to expand your business by selling on e-commerce major giants such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. All you need to do is to sign up as a seller and enter all of your business details. 

Sellers can list their item agarbatti and start receiving payments with bank transfer from the company. All the payments will be available to the seller via bank transfer method only. Sellers can perform many bank transfer transactions within a single day. If you are having more transactions per day then you must go for a current bank account.

These e-commerce platforms already have a huge audience. So you don’t have to go out to attract customers. These days, everyone prefers to shop online rather than going to the stores. So it is definitely an added advantage.  

You should start selling agarbatti on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon has many audiences and sellers can receive many orders by listing the item on the marketplace.


If you are a business enthusiast and look forward to starting your own business, then go ahead and start it now. Enquire about agarbatti dealers in your city, start with making business plans. This business needs a lot of management skills. This business will definitely give you huge profit. So start now!

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